Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Designed for Faith

I do believe we are Created in Faith,
Created for Faith,To discover Faith.
To learn Faith,
To love Faith.

Without Faith we are empty,
We are Lifeless and Loveless.
We would wonder with no direction.

Faith is our path that we get to choose ,
Confidence or fear is our companion.
Its up to us how well we get to know Faith.

Whether we become friends or enemies.
Faith is with us from the very beginning,
Helping us to learn how to be,
How to live, and how to have joy.
How to be happy with who we are.

Every step along the way,
is discovered by faith and led by faith.
Faith leads us out of darknessand into the light of our creator.



Star said...

Such very true words.

Kuan Gung said...

Great stuff