Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Hindu Wisdom

If the radiance of a thousand suns Were to burst at once into the sky That would be like the splendor of the Mighty one --I am become Death, The shatterer of Worlds.

- Bhagavad Gita.

"Whenever darkness comes, assert the reality and everything adverse must vanish. For, after all, it is but a dream. Mountain high though the difficulties appear, terrible and gloomy though all things seem, they are but maya. Fear not; it is banished. Crush it and it vanishes. Stamp upon it and it dies. Be not afraid. Think not how many times you fail. Never mind; time is infinite. Go forward. Assert yourself again and again and light must come."

- Vivekananda


Zoe said...

I came to visit and liked what I saw so I will be back. Lots of good energy here.

Groovygirl said...

I dig your blog. THANKS for checking out mine.
Funny thing about perserverence, today I randomly was reading about Charles(?) Goodyear. Now that guy in 1837(?), let me tell you everyone thought he was a nut. He wasn't even a chemist of any kind. He just knew he liked to figure out stuff. Just as all was almost lost along came another guy to help him out..
One GOD, one Purpose..
Peace out my friend..

Groovygirl said...

I dig your blog, thanks for checking out mine..
Peace out..

Aurelius said...

Great quotes, amigo.

I used to send out an email every summer solstice about how we are dependant on the sun for every aspect of life on our planet and a change in its output of even a fraction of a percentage would result in a horrible death for everyone on this little rock. I'm not big into worship, but worship of the sun at least makes sense.

I'm also a big Shumman fan. I lack the ear to be a good fan of classical music, but I believe he was the author of Tot and das Madchen, a work that has encouraged a great deal of creativity on my part. I should dig that out and listen some more.

Stay groovy.