Monday, February 20, 2006

Silver Stars - Misdirected Energy

Silver Stars

Silver stars and purple light,
hovering in the sky tonite.
The breeze is cool the air is clean.
I feel as if I'm in a dream.
I look up to feel you near,
As you erase all of my fear.
I can see for miles and miles
proof of you through all my trials.
I pray for direction, comfort and peace.
To always be worthy of your grace.
Misdirected Energy
Things are not what we plan them to be.
Sparks of light are randomly ignited.
Common ground found. Differences ignored..
Positive forces guide and direct, us toward our comfort zone.
Negative thoughts keep us from seeing our power.
They keep us in our box, away from our full potential.
Don't take chances, go ahead be a surface dweller.
It's so much easier.
Go with the flow, follow the crowd.
With any luck you'll end upwith a big house on a big hill.
Throw big parties and invite meaningless people and talk about meaningless things.
But, It's cool Pass me a drink.
Never mind, let me watch you pretend to be happy and pretend that you care.
Let me ask you about what you LOVE,
and about what you want to do for the world.

1 comment:

Groovygirl said...

It's so cool to see my writing on someone elses blog. I feel like a little kid.
I started writing my book, thanks for giving me the confidence to write.
It's amazing that George Washington's words are so meaningful now as much as back then. Only the names change...