Wednesday, February 15, 2006


That look of numbness
Appears again in me
I had long forgotten it
Why is it now that I see

That same look I saw In your eyes
before you left
Bringing the truth to me
And seeing your promises unkept

Why does it appear again
Leaving me cold, and worried
Leaving my thoughts behind
All my words are hurried

For a moment it all stops
And the reflection fades
I wish you wouldn't whisper
I wish you'd go away

We both had a chance
And we were both too late
I've tried to repair this
Tried to repair this fate

But you walked away from me
And I saw it in your eyes
I told you of this
And I then saw through your lies

I wish you wouldn't whisper
When my calls are so loud
I wish you wouldn't whisper
I'm already lost in the crowd

Now I feel truly lost
Im so unsure of where to go
Nobody's arms are really open
Nobody's true colours show

This is the start of something new
Or the end of truth is near
Look in my eyes and tell me Once more,
whisper in my ear


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